Montesa Cota 4RT Air Filter

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– Spanish COMAS branded air filter for Montesa Cota 4RT years 05 – 20 manufactured with double-layer foam for greater air flow.
– Highest quality materials for improved airflow and engine protection.
– Extra rubber base for airtight and waterproof fit.
– Built with the largest possible surface area for maximum airflow.
– External foam layer that stops large particles and resists clogging.
– Thin foam inner layer that blocks dust.
– The filter comes pre-greased so it can be installed immediately.
– Valid for all models Montesa Cota 4RT years 05 – 20.
– Base: Polymer
– Layers: Foam
– 130x135x80mm
– Red colour with black base and COMAS logo in black
– 24gr

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